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Harry in Chicago IL // 29/8

Harry in Chicago IL // 29/8

One Direction “Where We Are” Tour - New Jersey

One Direction “Where We Are” Tour - New Jersey

my sister used to watch weeklychris on youtube before vine was even invented bc his brother crawford or whatever the fuck his name is added her on facebook and told her to check out their videos. well back then he used to make covers of songs & he was not good at all but all the comment would be like "chris bby! you're so hot & i love your singing! you're so hot!!!!" you can tell that girls only encourage them bc of their looks. well some do

yeah I know that’s what I said. A lot of the viners like Chris and his brother Crawford use their looks to get followers. There are some funny ones tho that just happen to be hot too like jake and logan paul, jack and jack, jack dail, etc. I don’t really have anything against weeklychris or his brother tho like good for them using what they were blessed with

get to know me meme: → [2/5] celebrity crushes: Zayn Malik

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High school is mad gay